Jazzercise Oakville Fitness


Our Special Sauce




So much more than a workout. So much more than a gym. So much more than a place to focus on your strength and your funky dance moves. Jazzercise is all of those things AND so much more. 

Before every class you sense it. Party music playing. Two or three gathered in a corner, chatting. A couple of others laughing.Two more engaged in a hug. Someone introducing a new participant, welcoming her, orienting her. Conversation. Laughter. Sharing. 

It's never easy and never boring. A quality fitness program is, after all, supposed to be challenging and it has to stay fresh to survive. But during class you discover it's real. The music is amazing! People are sweating and working hard but they keep laughing, smiling and kibitzing with the instructor and one-another. Some dance with the instructor on stage! Sometimes they join in with communal grunts and whoohoos. They sing Happy Birthday. (It's all a little weird.) And yet, OMG, it's so much fun. There is no judgement. Only Encouragement, Motivation and, Feel-Good Vibes.

It doesn't end there because there's an after party! Apres Jazzercise, there are coffees and lunches and pot luck get-togethers. Friendships are forged and social outings become routine. In the end, we stick together and we see each other through the highs and lows of life. We are community. Our relationships bond us. And THAT is our special sauce.

YOU and your generous hearts are our very special sauce. We are so grateful for all of you and this awesome community to which we belong.

You rock! After 50 YEARS, Jazzercise still rocks! Keeping it real, life can be really hard sometimes, but it rocks too!

June is packed with distractions that can sideline our workouts so here's the trick. Give yourself permission to give into your cravings for that special sauce. When you do, everything else in the busy month of June will fall right into place.

Together, we've got this!