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How to stay “up” when you are stuck inside: Cardio Dance and Strength Training On-Line, Workout Playlists, Video Socializing and More!

How are you? We know there is a lot of stress out there right now. We know that women, as mothers, wives, daughters and friends are carrying a heavy burden. As women, ourselves, we get it and we are here for you!

Whether your goal is to build strength, rev up your favourite cardio dance workouts to lose weight or survive a pandemic, the key to meeting a challenge is always the same: focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t. Perhaps we can’t get together in our beloved Oakville dance fitness classes just yet, but there are plenty of healthy habits we can adopt to empower ourselves physically and emotionally, and to stay connected with our very special, very much there-for-each-other Jazzercise community. Here are some of our favourite mood-boosting tips and tricks:

  • Get your sweat on – dance workout anyone? Nothing burns off stress better than getting your heart rate up! Check out Jazzercise on Demand (JOD). It is a collection of awesome Jazzercise cardio dance and strength training video workouts that you can mix and match and do at home on a schedule that works for you. Or join thousands of women (and some men too!) getting their cardio dance and strength training fix with our live fitness classes hosted on our JOD Facebook Page. You will experience some of the same hot class formats that you know and love!
  • Go for a walk in the neighbourhood, boost your immune system by dosing up on vitamin D from the sun and share your smile – This article from HuffPost, The Science of Smiling, suggests that we don’t have to feel happy to smile because the act of smiling can make us happy! And smiles are one contagion no one minds spreading (from 6 feet away, of course).
  • Every day is a dance party when you listen to your favourite feel-good workout playlist. Build your own or check out the hot tunes on Jazzercise’ latest music playlist. (We also love Apple Music’s “Feeling Good” playlist. It can elevate cooking dinner into a full-on kitchen party!)
  • Video chat your Jazzercise dance fitness “boss babes” and catch up! Women are great conversationalists because we understand the power of sharing and caring. A quality chat with our gal pals lifts our spirits and keeps us connected to one another. Thankfully the modern world makes surviving a pandemic a whole lot easier with video conference options like Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Face Time and WhatsApp!
  • Join the conversation on our Facebook Jazzercise Oakville Fitness Chat Group – it’s a regular cheering squad. There is so much support and fitness motivation from our tribe waiting for you there!
  • Load up on healthy snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables because yum (!) and healthy feels sooo good, plus these nutrient-packed foods will help boost your immune system and who doesn’t need that right now?
  • Read to escape. There is nothing like a good book to help you forget about the world and its troubles for a while. Check out goodreads.com or download the app for some great recommendations tailored to your personal tastes.

The bottom line is you are not alone, and we can get through this together. We can lift one-another up. We can strengthen our immune system and go for those feel-good endorphins through aerobic and resistance exercise, eating nutritionally, and prioritizing self-care. Check out this Jazzercise blog for the Top 3 Tips for Practicing Self-Care at Home. Be kind to yourself and keep smiling. This too shall pass!