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You have probably noticed that your summer workouts sometimes feel extra challenging. While most of us love the warm summer air for leisure activities, it is important to understand why our fitness activities may feel like more of a struggle and that it is ok to take it down a notch when necessary. Here are some common reasons you may feel less than supercharged in the summer (or anytime of the year) and what you can do about it. 

While some athletes train outdoors all summer long, we are fortunate to work out in climate-controlled facilities. However, even with air conditioning, humidity levels are somewhat higher in the summer months which means sweat won't evaporate as quickly so it is harder for your body to cool itself down. Wearing light weight, moisture-wicking clothing will go a long way towards keeping you comfortable, especially during the 'sweaty' season.

Dehydration can definitely make you feel more taxed. Because you sweat even more in the summer, drinking plenty of water is extra important.

Anytime you are lacking sleep Your workout is going to feel more challenging. Anything you can do to improve the duration and quality of your sleep is super beneficial.

A proper warm up gradually increases your body temperature, preparing your muscles for more efficient use of energy sources and reducing risk of injury. By arriving before class starts, you will benefit from a full warm up and be more mentally and physically prepared for your workout.

Adequate nutrition can make or break your performance at any time of the year so do your homework and fuel for success. 

healthy body weight contributes positively towards energy levels and overall fitness facilitates strength; two great reasons to stay on track the whole year long. (The struggle is very real after a less active vacation (and the longer the vacation the worse it will get) so don't delay getting back to class once you have returned home!)

Finally, as a women, it is so important to be sensitive to what your body may be going through hormonally, and to adjust your expectations accordingly. Be kind to yourself.

Most of the time, it is better to lower your intensity than to skip your workout all together so don't beat yourself up if you just can't give 100% all the time. Push through at whatever level is manageable and pat yourself on the back for not throwing in the proverbial towel. Summers in Canada are joyous and fleeting so relax a little and come dance with us!