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What exactly is a HiiT Jazzercise class? Is it about the fun music? The amazing energy? The funky dance moves? The motivating instructor who somehow makes you smile and work harder at the same time? Well, perhaps these are the Jazzercise "perks" of your HiiT class, but the essential experience of every HiiT "high intensity interval training" workout involves a repetition of short bursts of intense physical exercise (driving the heart-rate up) alternating with low-intensity heart-rate recovery periods. And we do it A LOT at Jazzercise. Not only do we offer four separate interval formats, but often we incorporate high and low intensity patterns within a single choreographed routine!

So, why do it?

Oh, you are going to LOVE this. 

  • with HiiT you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time than with traditional exercise, making it the more efficient choice (We know. You are already sold, but there's more!)
  • HiiT facilitates your ability to burn more calories AFTER your workout by increasing your overall metabolic rate (Even better!)
  • HiiT burns fat (Shall we keep talking?!)
  • HiiT helps you gain muscle (Yeeees!)
  • HiiT can reduce heart rate and blood pressure (Awesome!)
  • HiiT improves blood sugar and improves insulin resistance (Oh ya!)
  • HiiT facilitates endurance gains by improving oxygen consumption (Oh my goodness!)

Wow! Right? If you have read this far and are thinking, "I love all our class formats but I am SOLD on HiiT", watch for and plan to attend these 4 awesome Interval classes each month...

Interval Dance Mixx - alternates equal parts of high-intensity dance, with lower-intensity dance (repeats 1high cardio:1low cardio)

Interval Fusion - alternates equal parts of high intensity dance cardio with strength training routines (repeats 1 high cardio:1 strength)

Fusion - breaks up our traditional Dance Mixx cardio exersion curve with a sprinkling of strength routines (repeats 2 cardio:1 strength)

Flip Fusion -- breaks up a strength set with a sprinkling of high cardio dance (repeats 3 strength routines:1 cardio) 

If variety is the spice of life, then HiiT is the hot sauce that will keep your workout burning up calories and fat, blood sugar levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. So be sure to get to know and love all your Jazzercise HiiTs, look for them on our monthly schedule, and let's work hard/play harder for amazing results, together :)